Optus Microwave Radio RFC 2544-Based Benchmarking and Stability Test Procedure and Overview

rfc2544 testing

RFC 2544 defines a series of tests that can be used to describe the performance characteristics of network interconnecting devices. RFC 2544 tests are performed by transmitting test packets from a device that functions as the generator or the initiator. These packets are sent to a device that functions as the reflector, which receives and […]

OptiFiber HDR and OptiFiber Pro Model Comparison

OptiFiber Pro HDR is Designed for Enterprise, Datacenter, Outside Plant and PON Fiber As fiber networks evolve, the need to test in more locations has increased. OTDRs are now needed for: FTTx Enterprise OSP PON POLAN Many OTDRs designed for fiber troubleshooting are designed for carrier and contain cumbersome and complicated features. The OptiFiber Pro […]

Save Time By Ribbonizing, A Faster Way to Splice Fibre Optics

ribbon splicer

The ribbon splicer is also known as mass fusion splicers.Buy ribbon splicer online or offline,Australia because it can splice the complete cable ribbons at the same time, saving time and money. Ribbon fibre optic cable is a classic fibre optic cable. Contrary to beam optical cable, ribbon fibre optic cable is organised into a strip. […]

Comparison of Fujikura, Sumitomo, Fitel and INNO Fusion Splicer

Fujikura 70S

A fibre optic fusion splicer is a device that uses an electric arc to melt two optical fibres together at their end faces, to form a single long fibre.However there are a number of fusion splicers available. This article provides you detailed information about features of some most important fusion splicers including FITEL Fusion Splicer […]

Various Benefits of Ribbon Splicer

Fujikura 50R

In order to converge the increasing system transmission capacity needs, local area network (LAN) campus and building pluckiness, as well as data center pluckiness, are migrating to higher cabled fiber counts. Ribbon fiber optic cables can offer the highest fiber density relative to cable size, maximize utilization of routes and zones and aid ease of […]

Importance of using Fujikura Splicer

Fusion Splicer

What is Splicer? A fusion splicer is a device using an electric arch to mollify two optical fibers together at their end faces and form a single long fiber. The culminating joint, or fusion splice, enduringly joins the two glass fibers end to end so that optical light signals can sweep from one fiber into […]

Exfo MaxTester 715B

exfo max tester 715b

Exfo Maxtester 715B: Exfo Maxtester 715B  is an intelligent Optical Link Mapper, an energetic application that turns compound optical time-domain reflectometer(OTDR) trace investigation into a one-touch task. When you are buying Exfo Maxtester 715B in Australia, you should keep one thing in mind that it must contain the following features: Handy, weightless, powerful, tablet-inspired design. […]

OTDR Testing And Its Applications

OTDR Tester

OTDR stands for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer. It is a fiber-optic instrument used to distinguish, unscramble and conserve optical telecommunication networks. OTDR Testing: OTDR Testing is executed by dispatching and investigating pulsed laser light traveling through an optical fiber. The measurement is claimed to be unilateral because the light is inserted at the boundary of […]

Telecommunication industry trends to watch in 2021

trends in telecommunication

The outbreak altered our world, and we all had to adjust to the new reality. Some firms are struggling to survive, while others are struggling to keep up with growing demand. Telecom firms have become the base on which many businesses will be able to revive in 2021. They can help us live, work, and […]

5G Spectrum | Low, Mid and High Bands Explained

5g spectrum

 When a new generation of mobile equipment is introduced, much of the attention is focused on the near term. When will mobile carriers debut, how soon will the initial networks be, and how will service be? The emergence of 5G is no exception, and none of these stages are conceivable without spectrum access. We can […]

100G Testing | 100G Deployment | Ethernet Testing | Transport Technologies

MT100A network master pro

In today’s competitive market, network operators are attempting to meet bandwidth requirements by improving their networks to faster speeds and capacities. While supplying bigger volumes of data to an increasing number of consumers generates income for service providers, ensuring the long-term stability and performance of those operations is a challenge. There is little doubt that […]